Managing Investments

All accounts are individually managed by a portfolio manager dedicated to your relationship and tailored to your needs and objectives. We emphasize equities for capital appreciation, supplemented by convertible bonds and fixed income investments when appropriate.

Our investment decision making process is based upon an interplay of our Investment Committee, portfolio managers and external research and recommendations. Our Investment Committee meets regularly to discuss topics of strategic importance to determine our intermediate to longer term investment strategy. We review the overall international economic environment, interest rate trends, corporate profits, domestic and international political factors, stock market valuations, technical factors and the relative attraction of smaller company investments to the overall market. These meetings determine our overall asset allocation mix as we manage our portfolios in conjunction with the needs and objectives of our clients.

Our portfolios typically own 20-30 investments with initial positions of approximately 2%-5% of the portfolio. We reduce positions when investments appear substantially overvalued, represent an excessive percentage of the portfolio’s total assets or are experiencing deteriorating fundamentals.