Our Approach

Specializing in Small Growth Companies

ACM specializes in managing portfolios of quality small and medium sized growth companies – the most innovative and more rapidly growing sector of the U.S. economy.

Unique Approach

We believe that above average returns can be achieved by owning a diversified group of companies growing 50% greater than the average company in the S&P 500.

We believe that our firm and investment approach is unique relative to most investment management organizations. ACM specializes in our market segment and we are dedicated to this effort. We are consistent and select our investments from a universe list of 100 companies focused on revenue size rather than market capitalization. The list represents a quality group of companies within our market segment that possesses the necessary profitability and financial strength to support their growth. Our approach provides us with the opportunity to hold companies for an extended period of time as they grow from small to medium sized corporations. We invest for the long term and own our investments considerably longer than the industry average. This has resulted in above average returns, lower turnover and greater tax efficiency. In addition, our investment strategy and longer term approach result in greater “takeover” activity thereby enhancing returns to our clients. Since we emphasize growth companies, the majority of our potential investments are focused on healthcare and technology – two of the more rapidly growing sectors of our economy. We are small and flexible, a major advantage today.