Our Approach


Focus on Quality

We identify a proprietary universe of 100 companies based upon a consistent research driven investment process with a majority represented by quality growth companies included in the Russell 2000, S&P® SmallCap 600 and S&P® MidCap 400 indices. Typically, companies in the universe will average approximately $800 million in revenues and come from the healthcare, industrial, information services and technology industries. The primary criteria for selection are growth companies with managements of demonstrated competence, effective marketing organizations, strong research efforts and dominant market positions for their products and services. In addition, companies selected possess the necessary profitability and financial strength to support their growth.


We invest in companies from our universe list and favor those with strong financials that possess accelerating earnings momentum with reasonable valuations relative to our list and their growth potential. We believe investments with these characteristics provide a favorable risk-reward profile over time. We do not emphasize asset plays, turnarounds or large companies with small capitalizations.